What is Narrative Atlas?

Narrative Atlas is a Virtual Exchange initiative that helps students develop new skills to communicate and collaborate with overseas counterparts, gain knowledge of the global challenges represented by the SDGs, and take action in their community in response to these challenges.


To power the Narrative Atlas initiative, MapWorks Learning has developed a customized online platform to facilitate classroom-to-classroom collaboration around the SDGs. The platform is a private, password-protected, invitation-only space.


When teachers and students work together with counterparts in other places to tackle real-world problems, learning becomes more engaging and learners see how their studies connect to their futures and how their futures connect to the world. As a natural outcome of their collaboration, young people make new friends and deepen understanding by sharing their stories through direct communication, videoconferencing, video production, mapmaking, and other digital media. School-to-school relationships can last a couple months or many years and the friendships last for a lifetime.

Your Journey on Narrative Atlas


Students and teachers in partner classrooms, clubs or after school groups follow parallel lesson plans, engage with one another online to learn about global challenges, such as climate change, water quality, and climate change, and teach one another about the way these challenges affect their own communities. Click on the image to your left to learn more about what to expect on your journey.

Digital Storytelling

Through digital storytelling, students teach one another about the ways global challenges affect their own communities. Narrative Atlas provides a robust tool set for authoring and collaborating on video production, Story Maps, and other media.

Get Involved!

MapWork Learning runs a Virtual Exchange program via their platform – Narrative Atlas. The exchanges are currently based on the Sustainable Development Goals and are open via invitation throughout the year. If you are interested in joining one of our current or future exchanges, please click on the button below to indicate your interest. We also have various organizations that host their own Virtual Exchange programs using Narrative Atlas – if you are interested in using Narrative Atlas to host your own exchange, please indicate so on the form.

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